Monday, June 7, 2010

Hi neglected blog,

I'll catch up on 3 months of updating soon.

Friday, February 26, 2010


I can't believe Bennett's 2 months! Seems like he changed and grown so much, but then I see him in Ryan's arms and he seems so tiny once more.

He's graduated from newborn clothes and pj's and 0-3 month onesies to 0-3 month outfits and 3-6 month onesies. He has his dad's big noggin genes as well has his
dimple. His little knit hats have started to slip off easily.

He tracks people and objects even more now.
We love to hear his coos and see his gummy grins.

He has a strong neck and continues to roll from his tummy to back. He's also started pushing his legs down and we help him stand up.

He enjoys kicking and flailing on his playmat. He hits the hanging toys and interacts with his reflection above him.

He got to experience his first real snow and pose with Baby Bennett snowman.

The next week, we were sitting in the 60 degree sun torturing him with his cute sun accessories.

He joined us me for our Valentine's date at Nino's and later for a girl's night out.

It was nice to put makeup on and do my hair, trying my best to conceal my red eyelids from sleepless nights.

Bennett loves to snuggle. He's quite colicky, but we've made a real effort to get him to transition from his bassinet in our room to his crib for daytime naps and night time sleeping.
He's sleeping 1-2 hours at a time during the day and 3 hours at night, when he finally gets to sleep. He'll have his 2 month shots Tuesday and I'll be asking for something stronger to try for his colicky tummy.

He's quite the ladies man with his cougar girl friends, Grace and Emma Grace.

Can't wait to see what 3 months holds. Hopefully, warmer weather and more sleep!

Friday, February 5, 2010


Time flies when you're trying to catch up on sleepless nights. Bennett is 6 weeks old. I can already tell until I get more sleep at night, this site may be a little neglected.

Bennett's 1 month milestones:
1. You're super cute. You look just like your dad. Right now you have beautiful blue eyes and brown hair. Sadly, I rubbed some of that hair off during your last bath. :(
2. You're a little guy, but gaining weight well. You weighed 8.9lbs and were 21.5 in long at your 5 week apt. You wore preemie and newborn diapers the first few weeks. You now fit in size 1 and still newborn clothes.
3. You've finally gotten the hang of nursing (most of the time). We just went this week and got your tongue tie clipped so hopefully that will help.
4. You sleep about 3 hours at a time (You had us fooled the 1st couple of days you were going to sleep longer)
5. Just when we think you're asleep at night you start fussing or loose your paci and the night of sleeplessness begins.
6. You love being held and snuggled. During the day, you're better about sleeping in your bouncy seat, but wake up and cry most of the time if you loose your paci.
7. You make funny squeeks, noises, grunts when your sleeping. You sometimes smile and move when your having baby dreams.
8. You rip some mad, crazy, man farts. Just when I've changed your diaper, you give me a pleasant look and load another one up.
9. You've started tracking and focusing on things more. You have a strong neck and can hold up your head.
10. You love you play time on your mat. You move your arms and chicken legs.
11. You are not a fan of tummy time, but your doctor was super impressed that you are able to roll over, a 4 month skill.
12. You're mom and dad are crazy about you and love just watching you sleep.
13. You're awake a little bit more so we get to talk with you. Your dad reads you books and sings silly songs about you.
14. You liked your first bath, but unless you've just been fed, hate having your diaper changed or clothes changed.
15. For your 1 month birthday, we ate chocolate cupcakes and went out for Chinese food.

A month has gone fast. Wish things would slow down, but the sleepless nights would soon pass.
1 month ago I was enormous and swollen. So ready to meet our boy. I had been on bed rest for 2 months for preterm labor and a thin cervix. Of course, once those two months were up, he stayed put.

I was scheduled for an induction because of my high blood pressure and his estimate size. Once they started the meds, I progressed quickly, but after pushing for 3 hours, he wasn't moving. I was overwhelmed with idea of a csection, but relieved since he was sitting on a nerve that sent excruciating pain up my back and neck and I could not move or push without screaming in pain.
It was like a weird dream being wheeled down the hall, not able to feel the lower half of my body. It was a blur of events and then there was my sweet baby boy.

We waited a day or two to name him, wanted to wait until some of his swelling went down and see what he looked like. He looked like a Bennett. John Bennett was Ryan's paternal great grandfather. This is the first time since the Civil War that 3 generations of Jones men have been alive at the same time.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Introducing Bennett Ryan Jones

Our little boy, Bennett Ryan Jones, arrived December 30th, 7 lbs 7 oz, 21 inches.
Hard to believe he's already 3 weeks.
This will be Bennett's blog where I'll share photos and stories (in between catching up
on sleep and feedings), while my studiorefuge.blogspot blog will remain my blog for
portrait photography.
Thus far, Bennett is not a fan of nudity or having to pose for photos (much like his dad,
both on the nudity and posing) Bennett was peeing and pooping all over the place. It
was amazing his pee distance. He soaked a pillow across the room. Something to keep
on the back burner for his college essay.

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